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Clear understanding where it’s most needed

Make CAPEX & OPEX asset decisions based on risk measurement with Decision-APM, the capital budgeting tool for asset-intensive enterprises.

Decision-APM allows you to obtain investment priorities automatically

To ensure a sustainable business, decision-making for budgets and investment plans involves taking into account different types of risks.

Avoid failures due to lack of investment

Reduce the uncertainty of failures in assets where you did not invest since the budget was based on the risk assessment.

Agile budgets

The centralization of information and the interconnection of software enables integrating investment proposals and evaluations to create budgets.

Quantify initiatives’ benefits

The unity of criteria and integration of the information enables technical staff and experts to express their proposals in financial language.

How does Decision-APM work?

Decision-APM uses the RPI (Risk Priority Index) with the PMM Innovation Group methodology based on health and impact criteria that help to prioritize CAPEX and OPEX decision making.

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    Centralization of information

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    Integration of members and teams

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    Unified evaluation criteria

Our methodology

Level 1

  • Budget items

    Define the critical budget items on which you need to make decisions.

  • Evaluation criteria

    Define or adjust the unified evaluation criteria and prioritize them.

  • Expert quantification

    Invite members of your organization to quantify the evaluation criteria.

  • Risk projection

    Assess risk holistically and over time to distinguish urgent from important.

  • Calculate RPI

    Calculate Risk Priority Index with one click!

  • Define your budgets

    Based on risk priorities, get your budgets and investment plans agreed.

Level 2

Level 3

  • Data governance

    Define the data that allows you to obtain the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your budgets and their integration.

  • Data automation

    Integrate your company's data to monitor performance online and adjust budgets in an agile way.

  • Digital transformation

    Apply IoT and Machine Learning models to automate CAPEX and OPEX decision-making.

What are Decision-APM customers saying

Client testimonial

"As a financier, it was always awkward to organize the management team to do the budgets. With the Decision-APM methodology, I can objectively distinguish investment priorities."

Financial director
Electricity distribution company

Client testimonial

"A budget is never a good fit for everyone. With Decision-APM, I can demonstrate why I cut from one place and transfer it to another. As a result, budgets are no longer endless and tedious to prepare."

Plant manager
Food and beverage company

Client testimonial

"Before everything was urgent and there was no way to compare, the real needs were not identified. Now with Decision-APM, we can agree and the decision is based on data provided by the team."

Financial manager
Mining company

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Frequently asked questions

  • To implement the tool, what level of data do I need?

    The methodology can be applied from scratch. It starts from the definition of items and criteria to the manual feeding of the model with data. Initially, it is normal that data is provided by experts directly. Later, ERP, EAM and CMMS tools can be integrated to automate the generation and communication of data to Decision-APM.

  • How much is the ROI of implementing Decision-APM?

    The ROI is very high and depends on each organization. One of the items to quantify the ROI is the team's productivity since it saves staff time when making budgets. However, the highest item due to budgets based on risks since investments are optimized without incurring operational risks.

  • Can we apply Decision-APM in my company?

    Before deciding to use the software, you can schedule a call. Some companies may use the software autonomously. Others, on the other hand, need our support or advice.

  • How long does it take to implement?

    This will depend on the number of budget items, the inventory of assets to consider, and the internal processes' complexity. However, some clients have the model implemented in three months, while others take up to no more than 12 months.

  • Do I have to install the software in my company?

    Decision-APM is a cloud platform that allows the collaboration of different users of the organization. You don't need to install anything locally.

  • Is my information safe?

    All information is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, an Internet security protocol based on encryption that guarantees privacy, authentication and data integrity.

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